Crescent MIYABI no kai is an association that offers a good opportunity to enjoy Japanese culture through events, classes and seminars. Japan has a long history, great culture, and tranditions. We act to promote the culture of Japan.

We'd like to offer a good opportunity for more people to have a chance to be in close contact with Japanese culture.

We work based on these 4 concepts:


You will experience Japanese culture first hand, and you will always find something that will make you realize how wonderful Japanese culture is.


We want you to immerse yourself in the experience and live and cherish the Japanese traditions as our ancestors did by admiring nature, appreciating the simplicity, and enjoying the essential details of each activity.


We don't only want you to experience Japanese culture. We  also want to give you some historical background.

Having fun

Let's enjoy learning new things and connecting with others through Japanese culture.



There are a lot of aspects to Japanese culture,including Ikebana,Kimono,Kabuki..etc..

We offer a variety of classes,once a month. You can have an interesting.


We plan big events a few times a year.